Natural origin ingredients

All our products are made of more than 95% of natural origin ingredients and chosen for their properties: organic aloe vera, olive oil, argan and sweet almond oil...

The remaining % is necessary to ensure a good conservation of the product and to compose beautiful perfumes.

All our scents are composed in compliance with European regulations, according to REACH (Registration Evaluation Authorization of CHemicals) and IFRA (International FRagrance Association) standards.

The glass

All the bottles, made in Italy, are in glass, reusable and infinitely recyclable

The cork

To protect the glass bottles from possible breakage, we have designed a cork protection.

This 100% ecological and eco-friendly material has many advantages:

- from the cork oak, this magnificent tree absorbs more CO2 than other species

- no felling of trees: only the bark is used, which regenerates naturally every 10 years 

- this material is waterproof, rot-proof, durable, anti-microbial, anti-allergic and neutral for health

A 100% vegetable bottle

For the refill of our care products, we've designed a bottle made of 100% vegetable material from sugar cane residues.
This innovative material, called PLA (polylactic acid) is biodegradable and compostable according to the EN 13432 standard.

Recycled and recyclable box

The boxes, needed for shipping, are made of 100% recycled paper, recyclable and without any other addition. The labels are made of corn starch and sugar cane residues.


FELICITE is born from the MAW - MY AROMATIC WISH brain, a scented communication agency and private label company since 2010.

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At the heart of this adventure, our nose, Caroline Malléjac, graduate from the ISIPCA perfumer school in Versailles, imagines and composes all our scents.

Skin care products for hotels and restaurants, tailored candles, room spray, scent signature: til now, our expertise was exclusively at the professional services.

The scent signature of the Cyril Lignac restaurants, Big Mamma group, Hotel Amour, Hotel Fontevraud, Hotel Fauchon Paris and Kyoto, the range of organic skincare products of Bonton... You may have already tried our products without knowing it!


An eco-friendly brand... with the french chic !

FELICITE was designed to answer all those who do not find themselves in the current natural care products.

Using skincare products that are good for the planet and for yourself, yes. But certainly not at the expense of beauty and well-being!

Composition quality

Don't worry, all our products are made in France and with more than 95% of natural orgin ingredients.

You will not find any parabens, silicones, ingredients beginning with PEG* or sulfates that we consider too irritating for the skin.

* PEG: ingredients derived from petrochemicals

Recyclable materials

In order to make our contribution and reduce the environmental impact, we have chosen short distribution channels and selected recyclable materials:

- scent and products made in France

- refilled glass bottle made in Italy

- cork protection made in Spain

- concrete candle container made in France

- 100% vegetable refill bottle made in France

- box and label in recycled paper, cornstarch and sugar cane residues made in France

Beautiful scent and bottle

We believe that our commitment to eco-responsibility is not enough for your daily expectations.

So we've added to our products nice scents composed by our nose and beautiful bottles to dress your bathroom.

For a guilt-free approach and a daily touch of happiness!